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Give and get stuff for free!
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How does it work?
   How does it work?

1) List things you no longer need.

2) Sell your items and earn points.

3) Trade points for stuff you want.

4) Repeat and save alot of money!

Your Personalized Store
   Your Personalized Store

Set up your own personalized store to advertise the things you no longer need. Stores can easily be followed and shared using our social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Email!

More Benefits
   More Benefits!

Save money by getting things for free using points!

We verify members to enhance security and confidence!

Help keep the environment safe by recycling old stuff!

Meet new friends, share common interests, and have fun!

Start Over

We provide a free bartering platform for members to give away stuff they no longer need and to receive points in return. With points, you can get free stuff you want for free with no hassle!

Get your own personalized store to advertise your free items and services. Gain followers and traffic quickly to your store by easily linking your store page to your friends and family using our social media tool (Facebook, Twitter, Email).

Give away stuff you no longer need.

Get new things you want for free!

For a limited time, sign up now and earn $10 dollars in points to get you started in trading! Click here to sign up


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How to trade your things locally

Barter online with other folks from your local area for services and things ranging from cars, music, video games, and web designs to resume help, televisions, and books. We provide the tool to search

for anything from all local areas. Once something is found that you want to have, simply send the member a message and initiate a swap offer.


Benefits of Bartering
Bartering is a transaction between multiple parties. It does not require any medium of exchange, in which goods and services are switched for other goods and/or services. Services can be
exchanged for goods and vice versa. Bartering can be implemented in environment where a monetary system is not required. Swapping is a bartering system in which participants in online communities trade items of comparable value on a trust basis.


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